The Gate Leading Beyond

The following is the reception from a magical operation conducted in August 2011.

The Gate Leading Beyond

Restless souls become impassioned with the gravity of the inferior globe.
Here is the paradox of attainment.
The changing of seasons have become articulated in the stellar harmonies.
Excellence is invoked in the remembrance of innocence and the instant delight of dreams.
To shape the Will it is necessary to sleep and break the grip of time.
One enters through difficult visions and apprehension.
This withdrawal from linear perception reintegrates the spirit.
Softly these shades of prosperous fantasies receive the heart and divert the mind from dwelling on the pressure of the violet blackness.
Within the heart is the diversified whiteness of ethereal stones.
These may be disguised as words of often contrary qualities.
Spirit take pleasure in the twisting of the tongue and brings solace to the testimony of our eyes.
Where we travel there are visions of phantoms that dictate the direction of our journeys.
Our wake world is determined by unconscious processes between inner and outer; IAO.
Some will only accomplish a partial confusion.
Indeed these obsessions lead to the permanent insanity of the pernicious Choronzon.
This demon delights in making provisions in the palace of the mind.
In these lands respect is a proportion and symmetry is the distinction between Con, Fu and Sion.
We enter circuits that exist below intention.
Appearance is nothing.
These powers manifest the operations of the soul.
In the center of the opening you will find a point.
There are many treasures to be found here but only one substance.
This Mercurial form is but a drop of the indivisible.
The Wise seek their destiny from a seeming disorder and push toward a unity that surpasses equality.
Others attempt to fathom the monuments of Chaos and conjure false windows and doors.
Everywhere their visible contemplation betrays them.
This wonderful onslaught of images is merely the device of the hidden expressing the suppressed desires of the initiate.
This state may often be mistaken for Gnosis.
We have imagined the dawn of existence in the womb and, upon entering this shared fantasy, have determined that there must be a way out.
An unfulfilled life becomes the cloak of paranoia.
In true sleep our invisible guide is apparent and signals the anticipation of immortality.
Our past becomes vivid and the future becomes the wisdom of experience; the virtue of mercy; the energy of change; the order of light; the beauty of love; the fate of reason; the wonder of chance.
The heart of a star is necessary for the transformation of the eternal substance.
Our prison is an illusion.
We are no longer trapped in any specific aeon.
By the actualizing power of imagination we cultivate the ability to grasp immediately the present.
This is how we initiate our escape.
The limitations of writing make it necessary to rediscover the obscurity.
We are always lost before found.
Inexpressible treasures become lucid with understanding.
She arrives accompanied by a continuous fire of exquisite effect.
The Demon in the wake begins to sense our deliberate invoking.
Legends of ancient sublimity are necessary to fire our enthusiasm.
These techniques will affect the opening ritual and purify this explanation.
We have built the shrines and altars and performed the symbolic movements, circumambulations and the dance of the gods.
We have transcribed and recited great poetry and found ourselves suddenly ripe with the substance of discovery.
Let the fairy torch be your guide and make your way down this obscure alley.
Beyond this antique corridor lies a malicious and cruel suggestion.
These subtleties should be taken in the mouth and swallowed whole.
When the adepts mutually die upon discovering these serpents of rage then the extinguished bodies will be united in putrefaction.
Below the threshold we are born of the mother but the mage initiates a rebirth of pure substance threading the blood of the dismembered lion.
Here is the process of growing and extending the wings of perfection.
It is the mystery that has nourished nature since time was a mist upon the waters and esoteric planets frolicked in the center of the earth.
Sublimated strength is unique to our species.
You can still find its magnificence in the symbol of rose blooms with perfumed petals or the wise old tree of enlivening myths.
Obscure crystals are gateways to a process of uncovering this hidden network.
By reading these codes the adepts have strayed onto this path.
These transmissions often consist of a technology that is in violation of the logic of our known plane.
Within the Void of the Abyss there is a darkness that shines its light upon the Hidden God.
We await the moment of danger that swallows the dementia of the initiated.
The meaning in these two paths is the unveiling of a monstrous sympathy.
Beings of pure signal and word beam across the intermediate zone to bring knowledge of the kingdom.
Even angels are satellites of the generative faculty.
The two-edged blade of reason becomes light and transforms.
A child appears with two faces.
This is a guise of the terrible one who has suffered and managed to recover and obtain the abundant fruits of the holy deposit.
Those who partake in this mystery shall taste the wine of the temple fountain.
And within this state of drunkenness we will be able to withstand the hardships of true love.
A lively flame explodes in the location of the secret cabinet.
We may never reach the true interior landscapes but we will become more spiritually abstract.
These runes are suggestive of the celestial realms and the spectrum of consciousness.
Their frequencies range from the densest to the most rarefied awareness.
The journey to unseen worlds is a penetration of metaphors and the proto-phenomena that preceded the planes.
This work requires the quality of attention to receive the enjoyment that pours forth from these conceptions.
Through a vent of fire we should dare to extend our detestable hands towards this book.
Most are unworthy and peruse with arrogance and superstitious notions.
Foolish is only fair.
The soul’s pleasure is only a clever spectator.
Loving hearts break all traces of violent revolutions.
These mysteries reveal a wish to forget; to withdraw all memory of a picture of oneself.
Contentment is practiced in veiling fictions and rare expedient dreams.
The forbidden has become a blinding invasion that will slowly break through and shatter your curiosity.
You must regain your time and rise above the draining frustrations of life.
Of every possible question, you asked of the Grail; it has been revoked and sent to the outermost regions.
Futile savage oaths.


The Terror of Nothing and the Image of Silence

The following is a received (i.e. channeled) work from June 2011. Its title is the source of the subtitle of my blog.

The Terror of Nothing and the Image of Silence
A Blessing of Jasmine in the Night Sky

Rigorous initiation helps us to penetrate the hieroglyphic archives.
In the larval state we access living information through umbilical circuits.
The horizontal and the vertical have no practical application here.
We must project beyond these huge segments of unknown perspective.
Nothing is a detachment that encircles the rotations of these strange movements, tracing spaces unknown.
Transcend the melting iron spheres of our known geometry.
The hidden one is the meanest lover.
It keeps a dark watch beneath passion, pain and the wonderful fire of apotheosis.
The use of this ritual formula will be the revealer of reflection; the secret guide and true self in a fractal mirror.
Seek entrance and bind these words to unlock the void of space-time.
To know, will, dare and be silent completes this command.
Unforeseen coordinates have suspended this throne in a density of air and plunged our perspective into the depths.
The leaper howls continuous noises within an immense area of widely diffused sounds.
All of our sources combine to overwhelm and crystallize this one conception into a marvelous scenic edifice.
Impressions perpetually seize molecular combinations.
One casual gesture can divide the chaos of this spectacle.
The contrast between brutality and infamy is the focus of their delightful theater.
Satellites are in position and have expanded our spatial proportions.
Further investigation will not be warranted.
There is a light agency put into place to attract archaic memories and experiences stored in the ancient correspondence of the cosmological sphere.
These entities control whispered voices that draw us towards the borderland.
The clue is in the sudden shift of forces in the deep mind.
Some sleep in the primary fields of convenience.
Significance only occurs in the division of the fantastic.
There is only one living witness, one survivor, who will question this particular game.
Rising in the east is an emblem of the two natures of bodily birth.
This blood consists of everything that occupies the manifested expression of sacred signs and twisted combinations of talismans.
Initiates penetrate forgotten chambers and rediscover once open doors to sub-circuit sanctuaries.
We’ve come to a monument that reflects the boundary of miracles.
Gnosis is a means towards the conversion of the inferior particular to the name of the superior intensity.
This mystic state is a timeless constant that sanctifies the word to the height of reasoned madness.
Communion is an isolated mutual creation.
With this foresight we can now imagine how certain revelations can subvert the material senses.
Possibilities are different intonations of projected space.
This faculty creates music with an aspect of symbolic relation to the irrational and the spaces between correspondences.
I have obtained a vision of unknown qualities and an impression of a distant bell ringing.
There is a stone drifting towards the axis to integrate the shadow of sickness and awaken the dark divinity beyond the incarnate.
We have suffered the chance to explore the straight pattern of this living garment.
There is an insignificant awareness behind these illusions of spiral guidance.
Turn yourself inward to discover the true vessel.
The importance of the Grail as the secret spoken, revealed and restored is a very subtle seduction.
We have scaled this cruel mountain of destructive symbols and synthesized an outcome.
Now you must enter alone and be careful not to fall into the trap of sensations.
This is equivalent to thought forgery.
Wisdom is the banishing of because.
This tendency violates carelessly and differentiates the narrower autonomy of subtle integrity.
Somewhere in this symbolism is a key to the explorations of the web of sleep.
Bound between worlds, the solitary initiate now appears abnormal; a shapeless mass of appearances.
Now I have come to a profound return.
I have captured the invisible only to suddenly reappear within this prison.
The defiant cannot expect to swallow the impossible.
The seed imprisons the bridge to our future.
Everything is separated.
We remain dissatisfied and find ourselves immediately nowhere.
The serpent wanders beneath a threefold stage of darkness.
Descending to the valley and concealed in constructed landscapes, these mysterious operatives are independently seeding our liberation.
I have felt this subterranean current.
Paradise has withered in the dark anguish of primal chaos.
This is the unbearable feeling of finally seeing what we have been eating.
To forget this distinction is to deny knowledge.
Within this sacred poetry is interwoven an iridescent thread of living information.
We have revealed her, the nameless one, who does not know herself and whose name is concealed even from herself.
What we call life has become a stranger and has elevated the ordinary into a distinct nearness, transforming into a mystical quest.
We have given you our radiance and the ecstasy of transformation.
All of you are sleeping travelers who have arrived at the gates of shadow.
Evolution is the rebirth of the eternal effect of unrecognizable joy.
The stone is the completion of the precipitated vessel.
As the fire burns, the mouth encircles the bottom of the earth where emblems of births, water and a mythic phantasmagoria signal the veneration of the Veiled Intimate.
There are hidden schools collecting evidence of a clearer alternative.
Seek communication with them.
This final sacrament is an altar of blood that will shatter an unborn universe.

(June 2011)

Immersed In Study 2013-14

I have been engaged in a LOT of reading and studying this past year or so. In no particular order, the following is a list of the books I’ve been immersed in since early 2013; most I’ve read or am still reading for the first time this past year, a few I haven’t even gotten totally into yet and others I’ve been re-reading/re-examining with a new perspective as a result of having read some of the newer books. Books I’ve re-read are marked with an asterisk. Certain common themes I’ve been preoccupied with may be discerned in the list.

  • The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel*
  • The Eighth Tower by John Keel*
  • Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind: Selected Writings of John Keel edited by Andrew Colvin
  • Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone: Selected Writings of John Keel edited by Andrew Colvin
  • Searching for the String: Selected Writings of John Keel edited by Andrew Colvin
  • Men In Black: The Secret Terror Among Us by Gray Barker
  • The Silver Bridge by Gray Barker*
  • Serpents of the Fire by Gray Barker
  • The Mothman Speaks and The Mothman Shrieks both by Andrew Colvin
  • Communion*, Transformation, Breakthrough, The Secret School, Solving the Communion Enigma and The Key all by Whitley Strieber
  • Report on Communion by Ed Conroy
  • Omens of Awareness by David Tansley
  • The Archetype Experience by Gregory L. Little*
  • Creatures from Inner Space*, The Paranormal* and Total Man all by Stan Gooch
  • The Myth and Mystery of UFOs by Thomas E. Bullard
  • UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge edited by David M. Jacobs
  • Abduction* and Passport to the Cosmos both by John E. Mack, M.D.
  • The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts by Joe Fisher*
  • The Philosophers’ Stone: Alchemy and the Secret Research for Exotic Matter by Joseph P. Farrell
  • Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda by Joseph P. Farrell
  • Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas by Joseph P. Farrell and Scott D. de Hart
  • Dark Pool of Light: The Convergence of Physical, Philosophical, Psychological, Psychospiritual and Psychic Views (3 volumes) by Richard Grossinger
  • The Terror That Comes in the Night: An Experienced-Centered Study of Supernatural Assault Traditions by David J. Hufford*
  • Dark Intrusions: An Investigation Into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences by Louis Proud
  • The Good People: New Fairylore Essays edited by Peter Narvaez
  • Strange and Secret Peoples: Fairies and Victorian Consciousness by Carole G. Silver
  • Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist: Alien Contact Tales Since the 1950s by Aaron John Gulyas
  • Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil by Paul Levy
  • The Serpent’s Gift: Gnostic Reflections of the Study of Religion by Jeffrey J. Kripal
  • Mutants & Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics and the Paranormal by Jeffrey J. Kripal
  • Dark Lord: H. P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic by Peter Levenda
  • LightQuest: Your Guide to Interacting with UFOs, Mystery Lights and Plasma Intelligences by Andrew Collins
  • Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherwold by Patrick Harpur*
  • Approaching the Kabbalah of Maat by Don Karr
  • Apocalyptic Witchcraft by Peter Grey
  • The Mystery of the Letters and the Tree of Life by Robert C. Stein

Intense Breakthrough Moments

I suspect that most mystics and magicians will probably have stories in their past involving intense experiences with the other; maybe spontaneously, a result of deliberate actions, something really intense or maybe not so intense, but experiences nonetheless. What I’ve been most interested in over the years are those breakthrough moments; the kind of experience that changes something in the psyche and causes one to perceive the world as well as act in the world in a totally different way afterwards.

I have had a few of the more intense breakthroughs over the years but I won’t bother attempting to recount them here because it would end up being a long story as I have a tendency to want to give all the background leading up to the zero point and how it affected me from that point up until the next event, etc. I’ll just give a brief personal view of a model of my own experiences.

There seem to be two types of these experiences I’ve noticed with myself; the spontaneous variety and those deliberately achieved out of ignorance. Sometimes these overlap but both varieties of experience tend to be the most intense for me. All attempts to deliberately reproduce these kinds of experiences using various practices over the years never amount to that same intensity for me. Now when I describe them as spontaneous and out of ignorance what I mean is…

The spontaneous experiences almost always happen in periods of exhaustion, stress, when defenses are down or even times of illness, whether after intense magical work or just life’s activities in general, doesn’t matter. I have often equated these experiences to a Zen-like moment or the result of falling into a Taoist wu wei-like state where hings just happen or come together when you stop trying or when you no longer “lust for results”. In the Kenneth Grant school of thought one might refer to such an experience as a “tangential tantrum”.

The other kind of experience tends to come when I’ve tried out a new method or practice that I don’t know much about, hence out of ignorance, and almost immediately get good results. There is no over-thinking involved. There is just a “wow, this really works” moment but then the rational mind goes to work, sometimes along with a lingering “lust of result”, and it becomes harder and harder to duplicate it. Sometimes it feels to me that I am only practicing Magick in attempts to confirm these kinds of experiences.

Most of my own magical endeavors over the years have primarily been means to subvert the rational mind in order to allow whatever is to happen to happen as it should. Almost all of my magical practices in the past ten years have been designed to open the Gnostic floodgate.

It may also be relevant to point out that the late Colin Wilson wrote extensively about a very similar experiential phenomenon that he called the “peak experience”, a term he borrowed from psychologist Abraham Maslow, or sometimes alternately his own term “faculty X”. It was his peak experience/faculty X insight that made his writings on the occult stand apart from others. Whereas most writers on the occult tend to separate the world of the occult from mundane existence and end up writing a lot of pretentious rubbish, Wilson seemed to approach the occult from an everyday experience perspective. The true magical experience is happening all the time if we pay attention.


The following verses are the result of a scrying session I performed in December 2010 using a mandala found in the pages of Andrew Chumbley’s Qutub.

  1. Appetites of inflamed passion are converting the schisms of our solitary burden.
  2. Boundaries are marked by the convenience of the conceivable and the interpretation of forms.
  3. Imaginary assassins have fallen upon the absurdity of our minds.
  4. Every storm is now a cauldron of the great black phosphorus of sleep.
  5. Gnostic outbursts and otherworldly glimpses have signaled the ominous alliance of the exiles and the colonists.
  6. Nocturnal spheres of subliminal air are slowly turning to powder.
  7. Under special conditions we will uncover the strange marks of the ultimate darkening.
  8. Spectres are like still winds that penetrate the depth of your frozen eyes.
  9. Tears empty into the mouth igniting the ponderous engine of tormented beauty.
  10. High priests are overwhelmed by the vast fragmented sea of memory.
  11. Every disguise is another shadow that further divides this paragon.
  12. Phantoms confront your vitality and imaginative power with incoherent venoms that infect your will.
  13. On this side of the threshold these broken globes have never stopped dispersing.
  14. I have cursed this garden and crystallized its silence in a prism of amnesia.
  15. Never again will we masquerade in the glare of transparency.
  16. These final words are echoes of the extraordinary quarrel that raised the ancient gates and resonated in the stone circles of Geba Ni’su Tin Hotep.